The Housing Recovery’s Obstacles – 2014’s Real Estate Trends

Stressful HomeThere’s no question the real estate industry is continuing its comeback from the 2008 recession. In my previous blog I shared how 2014 allowed the recovery to strengthen. But what about the challenges we faced? Here are the factors that held back the housing market’s progress:


Tighter Standards And Pre-Qualifications

In order to limit risks, new overlays were added to mortgage qualifications. More households had a difficult time capitalizing on the historically low mortgage rates. As the range of acceptable FICO scores narrowed, lenders saw their potential population of buyers cut almost in half. Therefore mortgage credit availability did not grow in 2014.


Lighter Supply Of Inventory

Supply certainly did not outpace the demand for homes (even though there was an increase in inventory). Year over year we’ve continued to see the monthly supply of new and existing homes remain below normal levels.


Lowest Level Of First-Time Buyers

The National Association of Realtors reported the number of first-time buyers dropped to its lowest in over twenty years. “But the first-time buyer share is showing signs of modest improvement by the year-end,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR Chief Economist. New policies were introduced at the end of 2014, such as low down-payment programs and revised regulations for lenders. So analysts expect an increase in first-time buying transactions in 2015.


Higher Rental Prices

2014 had a record-breaking number of more renters, making it an inflationary concern among real estate experts. On a national level it looks like rental prices will continue to rise.


Home Building Remained Low

While the demand for home-buying grew, there was barely an increase in new single-family properties. In both 2013 and 2014, new build sales stayed far below normal share levels (at 9% instead of the standard 16%). New home prices increased significantly as well, which limited the demand.


All of these issues plagued the Denver metro market in 2014 as well. However with a substantial increase in new developments and policies for first-time buyers, let’s hope for greater inventory and a more balanced market!

Be sure to read my blog about the housing recovery’s strengths.

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Ken Malo


A Strong Housing Recovery – 2014’s Real Estate Trends

Home Prices RiseLast week we said goodbye to 2014. As our nation finished another chapter, the real estate industry took another step away from the recession of 2008.

As we reflect on last year’s trends, there are a number of indicators the housing market is continuing its recovery.


An Improved Economy

The GDP picked up steam after our harsh winter at the beginning of 2014. With the strong production of new jobs and growing confidence of consumers, the GDP is still trending higher.


Historically Low Mortgage Rates

Despite the end of quantitative easing last year, mortgage rates kept declining. Global issues among financial institutions such as the European Central Bank and Asiakept kept our Federal Reserve from raising the rates.


The Return To Normal Price Appreciation

In 2012 and 2013 our national market experienced abnormally high levels of appreciation. This last year home prices increased at a moderate rate (which may signify a consistent, long-term trend).


Distressed Sales Declined

Home sales of foreclosures and short sales continued their year-over-year decline. Anticipating 30% less distressed properties for 2014, we can expect this trajectory to continue.


Major Investors Activity Dropped

With less distressed sales and higher home prices, single-family homes rentals reached their peak earlier in 2014. Therefore large-scale investor purchases were less involved in the single-family home market.

What does this mean for the Denver metro market? While we remain one of the hottest markets in the country, we can be more assured these positive trends will continue.


Be sure to read my blog about the housing recovery’s obstacles.

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Ken Malo



Denver in Another List for Top Real Estate Markets

It is no surprise to any realtor here in Denver that we have one of the top real estate markets in the country. Homes can go under contract in a few days after multiple offers and above asking price. The market is hot, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. We’re right alongside cities like San Francisco and Austin since we all have a lot of millennials moving to our area plus growing tech and energy industries. Read more about the study in this RE/MAX of Cherry Creek blog post.

Neighborhood Guide: West Highland

West Highland is only 1.1 square mile, but within that small area you can find a huge variety of shops, restaurants and beautiful homes, and a perfect spot to stroll around. 32nd Avenue has experienced a lot of change and updates in recent years, with fabulous coffee shops like Cork & Coffee, new restaurants like the acclaimed Brazen, and established (and unique!) landmarks like the Denver Puppet Theater. 5280 outlines a wide range of activities to keep you busy in their Neighborhood Guide, so head over to this historic part of Denver and spend the day browsing, eating and shopping your way around.

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The Cost of Denver Real Estate

Many of our country’s cities are growing more and more with their strong economies and ample job opportunities, and Denver is right there near the top of the list. Our city has so much to offer both the young and old, and it’s hard not to notice the increasing population which has brought a lot of wonderful diversity and progression to our area. However, there is a downside to this situation because home prices tend to rise, making affordability an issue for residents. We’ve seen real estate prices grow, and demand for housing is at an all-time high, and for some buyers and sellers this type of market can be extremely confusing and overwhelming. Be confident that you can get in touch with me to help you navigate and achieve top dollar for selling and negotiate the appropriate value for buying. Read more in this article, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Guide to Denver’s Parks & Gardens

While cities offer convenience like shops, grocery stores and restaurants all in one condensed area, we all appreciate the beautiful outdoors and green spaces. And while we live in a city, Denver offers a huge number of parks, gardens and peaceful spaces that bring nature into what can feel like a concrete jungle at times. There’s a new online guide that outlines all of our city’s parks and gardens and shares a lot of the unique history with readers. For example, did you know that Alamo Placita Park once had a waterslide, bicycle track, and railway? With an easy to navigate map (and an interactive mobile app), you can find your favorite spots plus some newly discovered parks to explore. Read the Denver Post’s review here, and browse through the guide to find some beautiful outdoor places you may not have known existed!

Denver a Top Real Estate Market

US News and World Report rates Denver as one of the top ten cities investors should look at for investment opportunities. We have all seen how our city has been booming lately, and this survey agreed. This article explains how they tracked each metro area and its unemployment, job creation, population migration and economic stability, along with housing inventory, home prices and rental yields. It also looked at millennial migration and where they will be buying in the near future, which is a huge factor in cities’ long term growth. Having been involved in the growth here in Denver by watching the real estate trends, it is no surprise that we are attracting new people and being singled out as a great place to both live and invest. If you are looking at investing, get in touch and I can help you take advantage of this great time in the market!

New Bike Lane in Downtown Denver

If you’ve spent time navigating your way around downtown Denver on your bike – through road raging drivers and distracted pedestrians – you will get a bit of relief with the announcement of a new protected bike lane!  With clear and safer boundaries, bicyclers can now ride around with more peace of mind. The Downtown Denver Partnership wanted to provide a more bike-friendly experience for those who choose this environmentally friendly way to get around, and to encourage others to do the same. Read more in this RE/MAX of Cherry Creek blog post for detailed information and to find out exactly where it will run.

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